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Fleet Tracking: Have Your Own Equipment Instead of Hiring!
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Fleet Tracking: Have Your Own Equipment Instead of Hiring!

  • 28 Mar 2021

Fleet Tracking: Have Your Own Equipment Instead of Hiring!

Satellite tracking is becoming increasingly popular among businesses with fleets, and in fact it is now practically basic, which is no coincidence: it is easier to keep track of which vehicles are where and what they are doing, and last but not least, we can keep an eye on drivers.

In many cases, it causes financial and other problems for a company if drivers handle personal matters during working hours, do not follow the shortest possible route, drive irregularly, and so on. These cases can be virtually eliminated by monitoring the fleet with a GPS tracking tracker , since if drivers know their every move is visible, they will not be able to afford similar ones. 

Thanks to fleet tracking, a plethora of parameters become controllable that can greatly affect a company’s budget. Not to mention how easy it can be to get your vehicle back if it is stolen if you have a tracker in it!

Verifiable work

With state-of-the-art equipment, full fleet management is now possible, which helps reduce company spending and make the work of drivers controllable. Of course, trust in employees is important, but the future of a company cannot be based on that. GPS tracking is no longer a sign of mistrust, but a completely basic thing that is accepted and commonplace for fleet maintenance companies.

Where can I get my GPS tracker?

An astonishing number of companies still rent these equipment to this day, paying for it regularly, which can be a huge regular expense for a larger fleet. Renting is mostly a long-standing habit, and few are looking to buy their own GPS tracking tracker for the company, plus it’s not a particularly large expense - plus it’s a one-time one and doesn’t mean a regular cost.

The TK003 GPS tracking tracker is perfect for fleet tracking. The device costs only HUF 7,800 and it remains the property of the company, there is no need to return it, there is no deposit. This price only includes the cost of server access, which is HUF 4,800 for one year or HUF 13,000 for the entire life of the device. Suitable for tracking personal and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, e-bikes. 

What does the TK003 GPS tracking tracker know?

  • Powered by an internal battery: when the power supply is lost, it sends an alarm to the server or to a specified phone number.
  • You can set the area within which the vehicle moves. If you leave this, the system will alarm.
  • The route becomes replayable: you can also check afterwards where the company car was.
  • Easy-to-use telephone application in Hungarian.
  • It can be operated with the SIM card of any service provider except Digi.

As you can see, the TK003 GPS tracker has a lot of valuable features that help you always know where your company’s vehicles are going and see how they work. Because you can look back at anything and receive an alert in the event of an irregularity, you can keep them under close control. In many cases, this is enough to, for example, rationalize company costs and make driving more regular for drivers.

Don't depend on rental companies, buy your own GPS tracking trackers for your vehicle fleet at a one-time, minimal cost!



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