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MT1 Waterproof Cordless GPS Tracker Tracker

MT1 Waterproof Cordless GPS Tracker Tracker
MT1 Waterproof Cordless GPS Tracker Tracker
MT1 Waterproof Cordless GPS Tracker Tracker
MT1 Waterproof Cordless GPS Tracker Tracker
MT1 Waterproof Cordless GPS Tracker Tracker
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MT1 Waterproof Cordless GPS Tracker Tracker

Cordless GPS tracking tracker the advantage is that if the power supply is disconnected, the device will continue to operate (650mAh)!

Recommended for rented vehicles, vehicle fleet , very useful for our own vehicle.

Real-time tracking on a computer, mobile phone , PDA, or Tablet PC using Google maps .

Waterproof, dustproof design.

+ gift relay / socket for remote shutdown . If the car is stolen by phone, the car can be stopped from a computer.

The server side is suitable for managing the vehicle fleet !!! Multiple cars can be tracked through 1 map.

The server page is HUF 3,800 / half year, or 6

.000 HUF / year can be used. The device also operates with SMS instructions to determine the current position, regardless of the server side.

In 2013, there were 4683 reported car thefts ! On average, 13 cars disappear every day ! 

The device can be operated with the Sim card of any service provider ( except Digi ). The device has a max . It distributes 50-100mB of data traffic.

Police can't find 93 stolen cars out of a hundred !

Avoid getting your car next!

The route can be tracked and replayed online through the server .

packages of the GPS - Tracker Webshop will be delivered to you nationwide by the MPL Courier Service in 2022 !!!

Brief description :

1) Real-time tracking through an online platform. SMS / GPRS (TCP / UDP)

2) Remote stop and restart with SMS command, yellow cable (relay / socket required).

3) Automatic signal transmission at set time intervals.

4) GEO fence: warns if you move out of the locked area or enter 1 area.

5) Excessive speed alarm: sends an alarm if you move faster than the set speed.

6) SOS panic button: sends " help " to all configured phone numbers.

7) Story replay within 1 year

8) Fleet management. On the server side you can see up to several vehicles on 1 map.

9) Compact size, water / dust resistant design.

10) Positioning with call / SMS instruction. Reply SMS with coordinates in google The current position can be opened on the maps .

11) Start on / off detection or fuel level indication on blue cable (requires fuel indicator)

12) Panic button, door opening sensor can be connected to white wire.

13) Built-in 650 mAh battery

14) Built-in battery-saving motion sensor (sleep mode)

15) I / O 2 inputs, 1 output

16) Power failure, low battery indicator

17) Excellent Latest GPS SIRF-Star III Chipset Mounted Device!

Size: 80 * 58 * 22mm

Weight: 90g

SIM card information

EU SIM card in GPS Tracking device

Most GPS tracking devices today use mobile technology to communicate remotely with these devices.

You will need a SIM card for the tracking services to work and communicate remotely with your tracking device.

The GPS Tracker Webshop provides you with an EU card at a very affordable price , which you only need to top up with a data package of 3,6,12 months . THE CARD IS NOT SUITABLE FOR VOICE CALLS , only in a tracking device!

You can use it immediately on your purchased device, no installation, activation , data reconciliation is required , no expiration due to lack of balance, no roaming charges, no contract, no monthly bill.

In some countries, there are several service providers . The card is connected to the best receiving service provider so that data communication can be continuous.

ATTENTION: If you select a special country, an additional + additional charge is required as World1 or World2

More information about the data providers by countries, upload unit can be found at the following link (clickable):

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