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MT8 Bluetooth Battery GPS Tracker

MT8 Bluetooth Battery GPS Tracker
MT8 Bluetooth Battery GPS Tracker
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MT8 Bluetooth Battery GPS Tracker
MT8 Bluetooth Battery GPS Tracker
MT8 Bluetooth Battery GPS Tracker
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  • Model: mt8B
  • Weight: 65.00g
  • Dimensions: 62.00mm x 52.00mm x 22.00mm
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This device is an improved version of the successful mt8 gps tracking device .

How do you know more?

New GPS tracker MT8B = GPS tracking + intelligent car alarm + driver identification + tracking via LBS + Anti-GSM interference

Imagine a situation:

We go to the beach, steal the car key, open the car and want to start the car. As the phone is not nearby with Bluetooth turned on , when the door is opened, the tracer in the car will call the specified alarm phone number and phone numbers . A relay (not optional) installed in the car will prevent the car from starting.


* Network: 2G GSM + GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
* GPS: sirf3 / u- blox 7
* GPS sensitivity: 162dB * Power supply: DC

6-36V Features 1.1
Intelligent car alarm

Does not conflict with the original car remote control; Bluetooth, no need to install APP on phone, no need for RFID reader, GSM / GPRS + GPS + LBS + BLUETOOTH, Four in one device.

You can arm / disarm the alarm automatically:

 ARM status:

If the phone is out of range and not connected to the MT08B bluetooth device, the system will enter the ARM state. If someone illegally opens the car door or illegally starts the ignition or tows illegally, the device will send an alarm message to the phone or call the preset phone number. You can also stop the car automatically.


In DISARM state:

When the phone detects Bluetooth in the detection range and matches the MT08B bluetooth , the vehicle enters the disarm state and can start the engine and open the car door normally.


1.2 Driver ID:

When the phone is connected to the MT8B via Bluetooth, the GPS data sends the phone's bluetooth address (driver ID) to the server so management will know which car is being driven on the tracking platform.


1.3 Following LBS:

bad GPS signal from the car (e.g. garage, tunnel) , the device may lose its GPS signal to track the position of the car; to avoid this, the MT08B has added LBS features, no matter where the car or GPS antenna is, the user still knows the position of the car.

(Note: Your LBS can check the coordinates of the base station, not just the base station code.)


1.4 Anti-theft GSM jam:

As the current GSM car alarm and GSM Tracker are widely used, car thieves are becoming more professional who use high-tech devices. They interfere with the GSM signal, so the GSM device does not work properly, so the thief can successfully steal the car.

According to the requirements of our customers, the manufacturer has successfully developed an anti- GSM jammer, if a GSM malfunction occurs, the system will stop the car, bring the car to a standstill so that the thief cannot drive it away.


1.5 Basic features:

* Tracking via SMS, web based platform or Android APP;

* Engine on and off status;

* speeding warning;

* Geo -fencing alarm;

* External power supply cut alarm;

* Mileage report

The device can be operated with the Sim card of any service provider ( except Digi ). The device has a max . It distributes 50-100mB of data traffic.

During the order, it is not possible to change the server service, move it to another device , cancel the registration .





62 * 50 * 22 mm



Charging voltage

+ 6 ~ 12VDC

Spare battery


Operating Temperature

-20 ° C ~ 75 ° C


Not more than 75% condensation

GSM frequency

GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz or GSM 850/1800/1900 MHz (optional)

GPS chip

Latest GPS SIRF-Star 3 chipset

GPS sensitivity


Positioning accuracy

10 meters, 2D RMS


2 inputs and 1 output


* Trackable command or time interval via SMS / GPRS; * Check your location directly with
the Google map URL ; * Check the real physical address of the car (such as city name, street name, etc.) (GPRS01 or SMS01 support required); * Track latitude, longitude, speed, direction and odometer via mobile SMS etc .;
* Call / disarm by SMS or phone call; * Engine ON / OFF / Fuel Monitoring (Alternative) * Online site tracking with GPRS data network; * Voltage Loss Alarm, Geo -Fence Alarm, Motion Detector;
* Built-in 350mAh rechargeable battery; if the car battery is discharged, the system will immediately interrupt the power failure;
* I / O: 2 inputs and 1 output; * Compact size in waterproof design;

           DESCRIPTION: mt8b

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