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A TKSTAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional GPS trackers, GPS navigation systems and wireless GPS communication products based in China, offering reliable products and customized solutions to customers worldwide.

Brand: Tkstar Model: TKSTAR 1 év
1 YEAR server access to TKSTAR GPS tracking device.ordering, please enter the number of the device in the comments field .During the order, it is not possible to change the service, move or delete it to another device.Server page: https://mytkstar.netDevices: https://gps-tracker..
Brand: Tkstar Model: TKSTAR élet
Lifetime server access to TKSTAR GPS tracking device. As long as the device is running, the server can access it as well.ordering, please enter the number of the device in the comments field .move or delete it to another device .Server page: https://mytkstar.netDevices: https://..
Brand: Tkstar Model: TK806
Tkstar TK806 DC 10V-80V fixed wired internal battery GPS tracking trackerDo you always want to know your beloved car is safe? Would it always be nice to see in real time where the vehicle is just so you can spend your days in peace? Then you need the help of the Tkstar TK806 DC 10V-80V fixed bat..
16,200Ft 20,000Ft
Brand: Tkstar Model: TKSTAR TK913
This mini waterproof gps tracker tracker TKSTAR TK913 is a 2 g / GSM gps tracker based on existing 2 g GSM / GPRS networks and gps satellites, able to find and monitor all destinations remotely via SMS, mobile app and online tracking software! It uses the most advanced gps technology and LBS dual po..
18,400Ft 24,000Ft
Brand: Tkstar Model: TK918C
Tkstar TK918C 20,000 mAh magnetic gps tracking trackerKey features:1. GPS + LBS Dual Positioning Mode: If the gps signal is good, the device will search via gps satellite, if not, the device will search via LBS! The accuracy is 5-10 meters in GPS positioning mode and 100-2000 meters in L..
39,000Ft 48,000Ft
Tkstar TK1000 waterproof battery-powered GPS tracking tracker
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Brand: Tkstar Model: TK1000
Tkstar Waterproof Battery GPS Tracker Tracker   Do you want to watch or follow the position and movement of 1 person, pet or car?This dust / waterproof GPS tracking device is a great choice for it!The Tracker operates on a 4-band GSM / GPS / GPRS network."Silent ob..
17,000Ft 24,000Ft
Brand: Tkstar Model: tkstar 915
GPS Tkstar 915 tracker is 10,000 long mAh battery. Super strong magnet. 4-month standby battery tracking deviceDescription:This GPS Tkstar 915 works on the existing GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellites, you can find and monitor all remote destinations via SMS, APP andvi..
25,500Ft 35,000Ft
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