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TKSTAR TK913 mini portable 1500mAh magnetic gps tracking tracker

TKSTAR TK913 mini portable 1500mAh magnetic gps tracking tracker
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TKSTAR TK913 mini portable 1500mAh magnetic gps tracking tracker
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  • Model: TKSTAR TK913
  • Weight: 58.00g
  • Dimensions: 55.00mm x 36.00mm x 21.00mm
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This mini waterproof gps tracker tracker TKSTAR TK913 is a 2 g / GSM gps tracker based on existing 2 g GSM / GPRS networks and gps satellites, able to find and monitor all destinations remotely via SMS, mobile app and online tracking software! It uses the most advanced gps technology and LBS dual positioning. In addition, with the built-in powerful magnet, it can be very easily and tightly mounted on cars, trucks and any purpose with a metal interface.

1. GPS + LBS Dual Positioning: If the GPS signal is good, the device will search via GPS satellite, if not, the device will search via LBS. The accuracy is 5-10 meters in GPS positioning mode and 100-2000 meters in LBS positioning mode.

2. Real-time tracking: You can track your device in real time on Google Maps on your mobile phone, tablet, and computer, with a minimum upload time of 10 seconds.

3. Playback History Path: The application and web server can record device upload data for up to 6 months, and you can play the history path at any time.

4. Long standby time: It has a built-in 1500mAh lithium-ion battery, the standby time is up to 25 days and the working time is up to 3-4 days;

5. IP67 waterproof: resistant to splashing water, but cannot be immersed in water

6. Remote voice monitor: First send the "monitor + password" to the device, then the device will go into Monitor mode, Now when you make a call to the device's SIM number, automatically answers the call and monitors the sound around the device.

7. Speeding Alarm: This alarm only works in continuous positioning mode. If the speed of the machine exceeds the preset speed, an alarm message will be sent to the Administrator every 5 minutes.

8. Vibration Alarm: After setting the vibration alarm, hold the tracker still for 5 minutes, then this function will start. Sends an SMS alert to the admin number when the unit detects a vibration.

9. Motion Alarm: When the units remain stationary for 10 minutes, the user can set a motion alarm. With this " move + password" command, if the device has moved 500 m, it will send an SMS alarm "Move alarm + latitude and longitude" to the enabled number.

10. Geofence : Set a geofence for the tracker to restrict movement within the area.

11. Magnetic: Powerful and powerful magnetic, easy to install.

Model name TKSTAR TK913
Size 55mm x 36mm x 21mm
A product weight 58gBlack colorNetwork GSM / GPRSFrequency GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MhzGPS sensitivity -159dBmGPS accuracy 5 mAt the first positioning time
Cold state 35-80sWarm state InputA 1hV battery Standby time 25 daysStorage temperature -40 to +85 ℃Operating temperature -20 to +55 ℃Humidity 5% -95% non-condensing

SIM card information

EU SIM card in GPS Tracking device

Most GPS tracking devices today use mobile technology to communicate remotely with these devices.

You will need a SIM card for the tracking services to work and communicate remotely with your tracking device.

The GPS Tracker Webshop provides you with an EU card at a very affordable price , which you only need to top up with a data package of 3,6,12 months . THE CARD IS NOT SUITABLE FOR VOICE CALLS , only in a tracking device!

You can use it immediately on your purchased device, no installation, activation , data reconciliation is required , no expiration due to lack of balance, no roaming charges, no contract, no monthly bill.

In some countries, there are several service providers . The card is connected to the best receiving service provider so that data communication can be continuous.

ATTENTION: If you select a special country, an additional + additional charge is required as World1 or World2

More information about the data providers by countries, upload unit can be found at the following link (clickable):

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