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Our main products are car GPS tracker, personal GPS tracker, large battery GPS tracker and 3G mobile DVR. Every year, we develop new products to meet customer requirements. They are certified by CE, ROHS, FCC and 3C certification bodies.

Brand: Caxtrack Model: C003
4G LTE Caxtrack C003 vehicle gps tracking trackerProduct descriptionProduct features1. GPS / LBS positioning 2. Built-in battery 200 mAh , supports external disconnect alarm to protect against theft 3. Support Vibration alarm 4. Supports real-time tracking 5. Supports overspeed alarm 6..
23,900Ft 34,000Ft
Brand: Caxtrack Model: tk003 serv1
Caxtrack GPS tracking device for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.After its expiration, it can be extended again for 1 year for HUF 6,000 or for a lifetime of HUF 14,000.ordering, please enter the number of the device in the comments field .It is not possible to change the se..
Brand: Caxtrack Model: TK003
Have your own online tracking device!Our latest product awaits our customers with an outstanding promotion this month.TK003 Mini GPS car tracker with high sensitivity for tracking passenger cars, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, e-bikes.Fleet management device.(You can see all devices..
9,790Ft 19,500Ft
Brand: Caxtrack Model: tk003 eletart
Lifetime server access to TK003, TK004, CA-P3B, C003, CA-V6-3G GPS tracking device. As long as the device is running, the server can access it as well.ordering, please enter the number of the device in the comments field .It is not possible to change the service or transfer it to another dev..
16,000Ft 20,000Ft
Brand: Caxtrack Model: TK004
Our TK 004 Gps Tracker is the successor to the TK003 Gps Tracker with advanced features.Additional functions: SOS button The SOS button connected to the tracker can be hidden in the vehicle.In case of danger, it sends an alarm to the server, to the phone. (Optional accessory +500 Ft)..
10,200Ft 22,000Ft
Brand: Caxtrack Model: CA-P3B
Functional features:The magnetic GPS tracker has a number of positioning modes, including GPS, AGPS and base station positioning for excellent accuracy. The magnetic GPS tracker has no connecting cable and can be conveniently installed . It does not need to be connected to the vehicle ba..
20,900Ft 35,000Ft
Brand: Caxtrack Model: CA-V6-3G
Caxtrack CA-V6-3G / 2G Multifunctional 3G GPS tracking device with 10m precision built-in acceleration sensor + Microphone + SOS buttonWhat do you need to know about the tracker?The Caxtrack CA-V6-3G third generation GPS tracker is one of the best tracking devices in terms of its fea..
13,000Ft 33,000Ft
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