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Internal Battery

The device has an internal battery. If the power supply is disconnected, the device will continue to operate. For an average of 2-3 hours, an alarm is sent that the power supply has been interrupted and during this time it can be traced to your vehicle.

Brand: Caxtrack Model: CA-V6-3G
Caxtrack CA-V6-3G / 2G Multifunctional 3G GPS tracking device with 10m precision built-in acceleration sensor + Microphone + SOS buttonWhat do you need to know about the tracker?The Caxtrack CA-V6-3G third generation GPS tracker is one of the best tracking devices in terms of its fea..
Tkstar TK1000 waterproof battery-powered GPS tracking tracker
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Brand: Tkstar Model: TK1000
Tkstar Waterproof Battery GPS Tracker Tracker   Do you want to watch or follow the position and movement of 1 person, pet or car?This dust / waterproof GPS tracking device is a great choice for it!The Tracker operates on a 4-band GSM / GPS / GPRS network."Silent ob..
17,000Ft 24,000Ft
MT8 Bluetooth Battery GPS Tracker MT8 Bluetooth Battery GPS Tracker
Success product -34 %
Brand: Topshine Model: mt8B
This device is an improved version of the successful mt8 gps tracking device .How do you know more?New GPS tracker MT8B = GPS tracking + intelligent car alarm + driver identification + tracking via LBS + Anti-GSM interferenceImagine a situation:We go to the beach, steal the car key, ..
23,000Ft 35,000Ft
Coban TK105B GPS nyomkövető tracker Coban TK105B GPS nyomkövető tracker
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Brand: Coban Model: Coban TK105B
Coban TK105B GPS nyomkövető tracker - Coban TK105B - Internal Battery..
24,900Ft 33,000Ft
Brand: Topshine Model: mt1
MT1 Waterproof Cordless GPS Tracker TrackerCordless GPS tracking tracker the advantage is that if the power supply is disconnected, the device will continue to operate (650mAh)!Recommended for rented vehicles, vehicle fleet , very useful for our own vehicle.Real-time tracking on a comput..
Brand: Tkstar Model: tkstar 915
GPS Tkstar 915 tracker is 10,000 long mAh battery. Super strong magnet. 4-month standby battery tracking deviceDescription:This GPS Tkstar 915 works on the existing GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellites, you can find and monitor all remote destinations via SMS, APP andvi..
25,500Ft 35,000Ft
Brand: Coban Model: Coban 108B
COBAN 108B GPS tracking tracker 10.000mAhThis new device is the successor to a very good Coban 104B locator.The newer version is equipped with a larger 10,000 mAh battery and tamper sensor, wiring harness , SOS button and relay for remote shutdown.With easy installation, this tracker..
25,000Ft 39,000Ft
Brand: Topshine Model: VT1000
VT1000 Integrated Battery GPS Tracker Tracker + Gift Relay / SocketIn 2013, there were 4683 reported car thefts! On average, 13 cars disappear every day!Police can't find 93 stolen cars out of a hundred!Prevent your car from coming next!The route can be tracked and replayed o..
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